XM-700 Portable Dot Peen Marking Machine




Product Overview

The Portable Dot Peen Marking Solution XM700 is a hand-held marking machine with a unique all-in-one design. It is fast and powerful, and the marks are deep, permanent, and highly legible.

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The XM-700 Portable Dot Peen Marking Solution enables users to easily and permanently identify equipment in any environment. The "Touch-n-Mark" machine features a large, intuitive touchscreen and provides direct access to marking features using a stylus, a glove, or even a finger. It is powerful, industrial, durable, and reliable, allowing users to "deep mark" even the hardest surfaces, including hard and/or rough materials and painted parts, with no special training required.


The XM-700 is operational right out of the box and offers easy data exchange with PC, barcode reader, DataMatrix™, USB key, Ethernet, and more. Using Dot-Peen marking technology, the XM-700 creates a permanent, tamper-proof mark without removing any material; in fact, the XM-700 creates the deepest mark in its class!


The XM-700 doesn't require any additional computers or control units. Featuring built-in software, a large screen, and navigation icons, the XM-700 was designed for ease-of-use and intuitive operation. You can even save your marking settings for future use to decrease production times.


With the integrated control unit and the optional battery belt, the XM-700 can be a "full mobile" solution, allowing you to mark everything, everywhere, even outdoors. Mark large and heavy equipment and even difficult-to-access products for easy identification.


The XM-700 is built with robust, lightweight components and shock-resistant composite materials. Weighing in at a mere 12.2 pounds the XM-700 is easy to move; it can also be mounted on a stand, and the optional side handle allows for greater control while marking.

More Information
- Marking type: Dot-peen
- Electromagnetic motor
- Machine Dimensions: 12.7 x 8.3 x 16 inches (322 x 210 x 406 mm)
- Marking Area: 3.15 x 1.18 inches (80 x 30 mm)

- Power cord with reinforced heavy duty cable
- Touchscreen
- 2 USB ports
- 1 RS232 port
- Adjustable metal feet
- Touchscreen stylus

- Support column
- Battery belt
- Backlight
- Code reader
- Side handle (left or right handed)
- Travel case
- Lifting ring for balancer
- Magnetic foot
- Custom foot
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