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The XF510 Dot Peen Marking Machines will fit easily into any workspace and are capable of marking both metal workpieces and plastic.

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The XF510 IMPACT Dot Peen Marking Machines will fit easily into any workspace and are capable of marking both metal workpieces and plastic. The XF510 is available in two power source versions: pneumatic and electromagnetic.


For industrial manufacturers in need of a high-speed operation and high marking frequency, the pneumatic marking machine is a great choice. 

The pneumatic dot peen marking machine is fast and effective on all types of materials. It allows for permanent marking and traceability of industrial components. Because it is ultra compact, it can easily be installed and integrated into a production line, turntable, or into an existing unit.This is the 5th generation of the successful pneumatic range, so it has been proven reliable and is appreciated by those who use it for its ease of integration, robustness, and its marking quality. This machine is twice as fast as the current machines, able to mark ten characters per second. 


The electromagnetic marking machines are more suitable for applications needing great precision and consistency. The electromagnetic marking machine is particularly efficient for DataMatrix code marking.

The electromagnetic dot peen marking machine is a high-precision marking solution to meet traceability and identification requirements while increasing both quality and production and reducing integration costs. It is light, fast, compact, and easily integrates into any system. It was designed to meet the most stringent standards with perfectly aligned tips and a precision that will guarantee the repeatability of the markings time and time again. Whether you need very light markings on strips to deep markings on steel, the electromagnetic dot peen marking machine is as flexible as it is precise. 

An Easy-To-Use All-In-One Machine

Equipped with Touch-n-Mark technology, the XF510 dot peen marking machines have a touchscreen and onboard control software within their marking heads. Thanks to the intuitive interface, there is no need for additional training as most users will be able to use it the moment it arrives.

More Information
Specs Total connectivity:
The UC500 control unit is the most communicative on the market: RS232 ports, USB, Ethernet TCP/IP, Profinet/Profibus protocol, 8 input/4 output card for easy integration into all production lines.

Technical characteristics:

Dot peen: Pneumatic
Compressed air supply: Operating pressure 6 Bar (87.023 PSI) nominal, 6.5 Bar (94.275 PSI) maximum
Power supply: 110-230 V AC - 50-60 Hz
Pneumatic power: 120 VA
Operating temperature: 5 - 45° C

Dot peen: Electromagnetic
Power supply: 110-230 V AC - 50-60 Hz
Power: 360 W

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