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The fast and quiet EGX-30A engraver is today's most cost-effective, computerized engraving solution, ideal for start-up firms working on a limited budget and any business wishing to eliminate outsourcing. Details below.

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Whether you are looking to create a gift, an award, a sign, or even some rhinestone decorated apparel, the Roland EGX-30A Engraver is solid choice in an engraving machine. This economical engraving solution includes bundled software, a brass adaptor, and a vacuum hose.

  • User-friendly and low noise level operation
  • Includes engraving software, engraving tool, and vacuum attachment
  • 12” x 8” work area
  • Includes USB port and cable

Engraving Made Easy

One of the many advantages of using the EGX-30A engraver is that it makes the engraving process a breeze. The Dr. Engrave software that comes with the machine is used for designing badges, plaques, nameplates and more. The software can also be used for generating the engraving path. With just the push of a button, automatic detection by the device occurs to estimate the thickness of the material as the nose guard’s tip glides through the surface. As you engrave, you are able to adjust the feed rate and spindle rpm with one effortless turn of a knob on the control panel.

Engraving Materials

A wide selection of materials can be engraved easily and quickly with the EGX-30A. Light metals such as brass, aluminium and copper can be handled by the engraving machine. Diamond scribing impressive looking trophy plates is just one step away. You can also engrave plastics in order to produce professional looking badges, luggage tags, nameplates, key rings, and more.

engraving applications for the EGX 30A by roland

Rhinestone Apparel

If producing beautiful and intricate rhinestone patterns is your goal, you’re on the right track as there is no better machine for the job than the EGX-30A. Have a look at the workflow below:

  • Create the design using the optional Roland R-WearStudio
  • Use the EGX-30A for engraving a template for your design
  • Brush the rhinestones onto the template
  • Begin application of transfer tape
  • Add rhinestones onto the garment using the heat press
  • Watch your customers be amazed!
optional engraving software for the roland egx-30a

Lightning Speed Performance

Because an advanced DC brushless motor powers the EGX-30A engraving machine, you won’t find faster production speeds around. It is 30 percent faster than its predecessor. It does not matter whether personalization of gifts and awards is your goal or your objective is to create custom rhinestone apparel, one thing is for sure: faster speeds equal higher profits for your organization.

Included Engraving Software

Roland’s Dr. Engrave software makes use of TrueType fonts and also includes an automatic layout function. Excel and CSV database files can be imported in order to engrave serial numbers and nametags at an accelerated speed. Data can also be easily imported by the software. For producing corporate nametags and entire door-numbering projects with the EGX engraver, you can use the software for placing columns of information into pre-defined text boxes.

  • Input a variety of texts and bitmap images
  • Support is available for industry standard TrueType fonts
  • Single stroke font editor (SPEdit)
  • Excel database files in CSV format can be imported for variable data applications
  • Name plates can be created with the use of data imported from an address book

In addition to Dr. Engrave, the Roland EGX-30A Desktop Engraver is compatible with the FlexiEngrave 8.51, the Roland R-WearStudio, TriPoint 9.6, and EngraveLab v7.1

Optional Software

Producing eye-catching and high quality apparel decorations with rhinestone embellishments has never been easier with Roland R-WearStudio software. Vector-based designs, logos, and lettering can also be produced using heat transfers. With this groundbreaking and revolutionary software, a $50 pair of jeans can be transformed into a garment that is chic, trendy and priced at $150 and up. You also have the ability to import graphics, rhinestone patters, unique backgrounds, and personalized lettering. With the EGX-30A engraving machine, you have the freedom to customize to your heart’s content. There are also a vast array of artwork and stylized typefaces and patterns made available by the Roland R-WearStudio for you to choose from. There are 500 hot-fix rhinestones in the library that are comparable to those found on the market.

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The EGX-30A Engraver by Roland is truly in a league of its own. Its cost-effectiveness makes it one of your best options for computerized engraving. Whether you are looking for an engraving machine for your workplace, educational institution, or organization the EGX-30A is a solid choice.

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More Information
Table 12 x 8 1/16th in (305 x 205 mm)
Max. operation area 12 x 8 1/16th in (305 x 205 mm)
Feed rate 1 15/16th in/sec. (50mm/sec.)
Mechanical resolution 0.000394 in/step (0.01mm/step), 0.0000492 in/step  (0.00125mm/step) using micro step control.
Software resolution 0.000394 in/step  (0.01mm/step)
Distance accuracy 0.000394 in/step (+/-0.1mm) or +/-0.5% of moving distance, Whichever is greater.
Right-angle accuracy +/-0.000394in (12 1/16” in), +/-1mm (305mm)
Spindle motor Brushless DC motor, maximum 27W
Revolution speed 5,000 to 10,000 rpm
Engraving tool mounting diameter 1/8in. (3.175mm)
Acceptable engraving materials Plastics (ABS, Acrylic) and Brass and Aluminum for Scribing
Speed of tool up / down movement 1 per sec.
Interface USB 1.1 (compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev. 1.1), Serial (RS-232C compliant)
Mode Indicators 2 (ENGRAVER/SCORE)
Power requirements Dedicated AC Adapter: AC 100 to 240V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz
Machine: DC 24V, 0.7A
Acoustic noise level Operation Mode: 70 dB (A) or less, Standby mode: 40dB (A) or less
(According to ISO 7779)
External dimensions 20-1/4 in. (W) x 19-3/8 in. (D) x 8-9/16 in. (H)
513 mm (W) x 491 mm (D) x 217 mm (H)
Weight 13.2 kg (29.1 lb.)
Packed dimensions 34 in. (W) x 24 in. (D) x 12 in. (H)
863.6 mm (W) x 609.6 mm (D) x 304.8 mm (H)
Packed weight 37.5 lb. (17.0 kg)
Operation temperature 41 to 104°F  (5 to 40°C)
Operation humidity

35 to 80% (no condensation)


AC Adapter, Power cord, USB Cable, Dust collector hose and duct, Character cutter, Engraving-tool holder, Diamond scribe adapter, Hexagonal screw driver, Spanner, Hexagonal wrench, Test material, Adhesive sheet for securing material, Roland Software package CD-ROM, User’s manual

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