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  • Religious Donor Recognition Trees

    Here are a few examples of the religiously themed donor trees we can create for your recognition needs. If you would like to order a tree you see here or have any questions please contact us. Also, don't miss the most popular recognition tree we sell or the other tree variations we have on our custom donor trees page.

    Catholic School Growing Tree of Life

    This Tree of Life was designed to be displayed outside. It is shown here on a catholic school wall with double leaves, acorns, and foundation stone accessories.

    Church Growing Tree of Life

    This Tree of Hope is also on a church wall and has brass leaves mounted individually on acrylic so that new donor names can be easily added to the existing display.

    Growing Tree of Life on Church Wall with Jesus

    This Tree of Love is on an interior church wall and displays a risen Jesus cross and rays in brass, with individual brass leaves mounted on acrylic.

    Wooden Donor Tree

    This is a Wooden Donor Tree intended for interior use. Shown with a wood trunk and branches with gold, red, and green leaves. Acorns and stones for additional levels of giving. This donor tree can accommodate 200 to 500 leaves.