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  • Custom Donor Recognition Trees

    Here are a few examples of custom donor trees we can create for your recognition needs. If you would like to order a tree you see here or have any questions please contact us. Also, don't miss our most popular recognition tree or the other tree examples we have on our religious donor trees page.

    Small Brass Donor Tree

    This small donor tree has a cast bronze trunk with matching branches. Brass leaves are mounted on clear acrylic and installed individually.

    Recognition Tree with Caved Wood Trunk

    This recognition tree has a carved wood trunk, leaves mounted on acrylic, and a large brass leaf with foundation stones recognize special donors.

    Left Flowing Growing Tree

    This custom donor tree was designed to flow toward the left. This display is shown with leaves, naming branches, double leaves, foundation stones, a cast bronze logo and a Book of Memory on the opposite wall.

    Left Donor Tree of Pair

    This donor tree has a trunk that flows to the left. It pairs with a second donor tree that is a mirror image flowing to the right.