PM-3 Manual Engraving Machine




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A reliable machine for industrial engraving, or home business with an unsurpassed track record for durability and quality.

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Easy, quiet, elementary and simple are words that describe the operation of the PM-3, but not the results you will achieve.

A reliable machine for industrial engraving with an unsurpassed track record for durability & lasting quality. It is also the perfect machine to start your own engraving business at home - no previous experience necessary.

Suitable for engraving plastic & metal engraving materials. By changing the ratios you can get 21 different letter sizes from 1 set of type.

Standard Accessories:

  • Multi-ratio pantograph, 21 ratios between 2:1 and 7:1
  • Roller Bearings on Pantograph
  • 1 Heavy Duty Induction Type Motor, no brushes, 40W, 110Volt A.C.
  • 1 Vise, 7" opening, self centering 360 degree rotation
  • Graduated Copy Table 6" x 16", Accessory Case with Tools
  • 2 Copy Slides for 1" type with end stops, 2 Motor Belts
  • 3 Carbide cutters, .020, .030 & .040 tip size
  • 1 Set of 1" Block Style Master Type, 2 Polished Steel Nose Cones
  • Micrometer Adjustment for Depth Regulator, 1 Nylon Nose Cone
  • Motor Belt Tension with 2 idler pulleys, 50 nameplate blanks
  • Tension Adjustment, 1 Tracing Stylus, Protective Cover & Instructional Video

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