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Product Overview

The LS900 is a floor mounted laser engraving machine with a 12" x 24" engraving area that is ideal for experienced engravers with mid-high production needs. Includes a red spotting beam that help you to reduce errors by allowing trial runs before engraving.

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Gravograph LS900 - The Large Format Laser Engraving Solution For Optimum Productivity

Marking, engraving and cutting on a wide variety of materials such as plastics, wood, acrylic, coated metals, glass. Great for many applications like rubber stamps, signage, personalization, gift items and awards...

Key Features

  • The high resolution CO 2 Laser beam and positioning system provides speed, finesse, power and precision when processing. Due to higher wattages available, the LS900 can engrave and efficiently cut a wide variety of materials in a single cycle. The 610x610mm engraving area combined with the 250mm Z travel enables the unit to process a wide range of parts sizes from small nameplates to large control panels, both in single item processing and in large batches.
  • Frontal access makes the loading and unloading operation easier than ever before. This ergonomic design minimises the stress on the operator greatly.
  • Engineered for productivity the LS900 includes many features designed to optimise the machine use. Features such as a red aiming beam laser, automatic focal adjust, a cycle time indicator and an end of job alarm, allow for efficient job processing.
  • With its very robust design the LS900 range provides exceptional reliability and consistency. The ability to select the method of fume extraction combined with varia- ble air assist contributes greatly to the engraving and cutting quality , as well as particulate and fume removal.
  • The Gravostyle 5 software package makes job creation easier than ever. This user friendly and very intuitive operating system allows engraving parameters to be saved with the job, and its advanced functions provide extended capabilities within a few mouse clicks (barcodes, Data Matrix™, pictures, dials, etc.).

For the LS900 specifications see the Additional Information tab above.

More Information


  • CO 2 laser source
    -10,6 μm]
  • Power range: 30, 40, 60 and 80 Watt
  • Safety: CDRH Class 2a [EN60825]

Size and weight:

  • Dimensions [WxHxD] 1080x810x945mm [37x32x42”]
  • Weight: 180kg [400lbs]

Engraving capabilities:

  • Engraving area: 610x610mm [24x24”]
  • Z axis travel: 250mm [9.84”]

Energy and power supply:

  • 100 Volt -240 Volt AC Supply [30 and 40 Watt]
  • 120 Volt -240 Volt AC Supply [60 Watt]
  • 200 Volt -240 Volt AC Supply [80 Watt]


  • Engraving software with integrated driver, Gravostyle 5, Graphic level
  • O/S: Windows NT, 2000 or XP

Options & accessories:

  • Base stand, mecano-welded
  • Integrated exhaust system, with pre-filter, Z filter and active carbon filter [replaces the machine base]
  • Various independent exhaust options
  • Alternate lenses [1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4’’ focal length]
  • Honeycomb cutting table
  • Floating pin table [h=30mm]
  • Integrated compressor for air assist
  • Rotary device to engrave roundparts [max. Ø200mm, L=483mm, weigh=10kg] [7.9” diameter, 16.3” length, 19.8lbs]
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