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The Drop Off Bar is an extension of the drop off gauge included with the 2001EVO metal shear.

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This bar provides a right hand stop or back gauge that is the full length of the cutting area of the shear and is similar to the back gauge on many larger commercial shears. Its greater length compared to other back gauges makes it easier to use and more accurate for longer cuts.

Like Accucutter®’s new drop off gauge, the Drop Off Bar pinches the rod when it is tightened. There is no mark, and the Drop Off Bar remains infinitely adjustable. It is available as an accessory for any 2001 Shear regardless of age.

Most drop-off gauges are set by tightening a thumb screw or bolt on a rod. When this is done, it makes a mark on the rod. Eventually there are so many marks on the rod that they interfere with the adjustment of the drop-off gauge. Accucutter®’s new drop-off gauge pinches the rod when it is tightened. There is no mark, and the drop-off gauge remains infinitely adjustable.

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