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Loaded with industry-first technologies, EGX PRO Series engravers have the power, size and speed professional engravers want at an affordable price. Details below.

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The EGX-400/600 Engraving Machines

If impressive power, size, and impressive speed are what you looking for in an engraving machine, look no further. The Roland EGX Pro 400/600 is the perfect companion for any professional engraver in the industry. In addition to the numerous awards, corporate crests, and promotional items that you can easily create, these EGX machines are the partner you are looking for when it comes to a revolutionary device that is fully able to produce high quality indoor and ADA compliant signs. Without a doubt, the end results you’ll achieve will be signage that is nothing short of upscale, attractive and fully compliant with ADA regulations.

  • High-tech engraving technology
  • Roland High Speed Engraving (HSE)
  • Seamless and swift engraving as a result of torque-driven servo motors
  • Feed Forward Processing (FFP) “look ahead” technology for accurate and energy efficient tool path
  • Engraving and scribing is applicable to a vast array of materials such as wood, brass, plastic, aluminium, acrylic, urethane foam and other light metals
  • Spindle speed: 8,000 to 30,000 rpm
  • Computerized engraving is made easy with bundled software
  • 3D Engrave Software
  • MODELA Player CAM
  • Virtual MODELA
  • Capability of engraving repeat jobs with the detachable MMC memory card
  • Connecting several EGX PRO machines is made possible with the Roland sequence I/O controller
  • Produce first rate signs that are temper resistant with Roland’s ADA Signage Kit – fully compliant with federal and state ADA regulations
  • Sufficient space available on gantry X-axis rail and flat table system to accommodate long boards for bigger signs
  • Remote control
  • Roland reliability and world class support
  • 2 year hassle free warranty

High Speed Engraving Machine

The cutting edge servo motors and Feed Forward Processing (FFP) features are responsible for the amazing quality and speed that the EGX 400/600 delivers. Seamless and swift engraving is the result of servo motors that are capable of producing high levels of torque. In addition, FFP technology allows for an accurate and energy efficient tool path. This combination of digital AC Servo (DAC) brushless motors, FFP, and belt drives is the first of its kind in the industry. Others are no match when it comes to how precise, fast and reliable these EGX machines are. The device is also designed to cut faster and produce higher torque while minimizing vibrations. These Roland machines can reach spindle speeds of up to 30,000 RPM while its engraving speed is at 100mm/sec. With these features, it’s no surprise that countless professional engravers have made the Roland EGX Pro 400/600 their engraving machine of choice.

Engraving Made Simple

While other engraving machines may require you to have a computer to use their technology, this is not the case with the Roland EGX Pro 400/600. Engraving is made as simple as can be with the detachable MMC memory card that allows for file storage without any need for a computer to access files. This allows you to work on your projects remotely on a laptop or on a desktop. Another outstanding feature of the EGX Pro engraver is the hand-held control panel which is conveniently designed so that you can extend it from the machine. Now starting and pausing a job from a considerable distance is made possible because of the control panel. You can even adjust the spindle speed and make changes on the menu while on the move. Lastly, with the Roland EGX Pro 400/600, you can operate and direct commands without the need for a computer.

Production & Line Engraving

Sufficient space is something that you need not worry about when it comes to the EGX engraving machines. The workable surface area measures 16 x 12 inches which means, you can accomplish several tasks simultaneously. Setup is also a breeze as the automatic surface detector lets you know where Z-zero is as the material surface is touched by the nose guard. Bigger signs aren’t an issue with the Roland EGX 400/600 the gantry X-axis rail and flat table system allows you to use numerous lengths as you use longer engraving materials. The ultra-precise engraving process is made possible as well by changing the surface. Likewise, it can be removed if you need to use jigs, vises, etc. If increased production is your ultimate goal, this is where the sequence I/O controller comes in. With the EGX 400/600, production line engraving is truly a breeze.

Bundled Engraving Software

One of the best features of the EGX 400/600 is that they come with a variety of engraving software as a free bonus. Dr. Engrave has TrueType fonts that you can use as well as an automatic layout function to import Excel and CSV database files for engraving serial numbers, nameplates and the like. On the other hand, 3D Engrave lets you delve into the production of 3D reliefs. The MODELA Player CAM software allows you to access DXF and STL files. Lastly, Virtual MODELA4 allows you to view finish previews prior to the production process.

All of this and more, you get with the Roland EGX Pro 400/600. Ready to order? Give us a call for the lowest price!

More Information
Max. cutting area 16"(X) x 12" (Y) x 1.57" (Z)
(407 mm (X) x 305 mm (Y) x 42.5 mm (Z))
24" (X) x 16" (Y) x 1.57" (Z)
( 610 mm (X) x 407 mm (Y) x 42.5 mm (Z))
Acceptable material thickness 1.575" (40 mm)
XYZ motor AC servo motor (DAC-FFP)
Feed rate XY-axis : 0.5 mm/sec., 1~100 mm/sec. Z-axis : 0.5 mm/sec., 1~50 mm/sec.
Acceleration 0.1 G, 0.05 G
Software Resolution .00039"/step (0.01 mm/step)
Mechanical Resolution XY-axis : .0001"/step (0.003 mm/step) Z-axis : .00009"/step (0.0025 mm/step)
Spindle motor DC brushless motor Max. 72 W
Revolution Speed 8,000 - 30,000 rpm
Tool chuck Cutter holder or Collet system
Positioning accuracy ± 0.1 % of distance traveled, or ± .0039" (0.1 mm), whichever is greater (Under no-load conditions)
Repeat accuracy .0020" (0.05 mm)
Display Liquid crystal display unit (with back light)
Interface Parallel (in compliance with the specification of Centoronics) Serial (under RS-232C standard), External connector 1, External connector 2
Buffer size 2 MB
Power Supply 100, 117, 230, 240 V ± 10%
Power Consumption 350 VA
Dimensions 31" (W) x 28" (D) x 20.5" (H) (795 mm (W) x 719 mm (D) x 521 mm (H)) 39" (W) x 32" (D) x 20.5" (H) (995 mm (W) x 820 mm (D) x 521 mm (H))
Weight 112 lb (51 kg) 141 lb (64 kg)
Operation Environment Temp: 41° - 104° F (5° - 40° C) Humidity: 35 to 80% (no condensation)

Control panel, Control panel cable, Power code, Nose unit,
Solid collet (φ4.36 mm), Clamp, Spanner (17 mm, 10 mm),
Hexagonal screw driver, Hexagonal wrench,
Roland Software Package CD-ROM, User's manual

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